CBC Seniors

WELCOME to the Conway-Battle Creek Living At Home/Block Nurse Program, located in our beautiful and diverse neighborhood on St. Paul’s Lower Eastside. Our mission is to enable older people to continue living in their own homes as they advance in age–and we do that by befriending, driving, nursing, visiting, connecting, listening, coordinating and in every way possible. Please feel free to browse this website for more information about our services and ways you can help–or contact us at any time to talk over your ideas for strengthening our community.


Transportation Survey

Over the next two months the East Side Senior Collaboration (ESSC) will be conducting a survey determining the transportation needs of seniors throughout this neighborhood. The survey takes only ten minutes to complete, and the friendly volunteers will be there to assist with filling out the form and any questions.

This project is funded by the Metropolitan Area Agency on Aging and designed by Wilder Research. ESSC, a collection of east side advocacy groups for seniors, will be doing the actual legwork.

When the results have been tabulated, ESSC will then approach lawmakers, community organizers and local businesses on behalf of east side seniors. Their hope is to increase, simplify and educate the populous on transportation. This will be done not only so current residents have more options, but that when the “boomer bubble” occurs measures will be in place.

If anybody in the neighborhood or out of it is interested in volunteering or has questions please contact Hans Richter. He’s available  by either phone (651-793-8190) or email (hans@cbcseniors.org). Everybody is welcome and they desperately need translators.

So please, be keep your eye out for them. They’re looking forward to knocking on your door.

Contact Us!

(ph) 651.793.8190//(email) hans@cbcseniors.org

1730 Old Hudson Road//Saint Paul, MN 55106


2 Responses to CBC Seniors

  1. alex says:

    I will stop by next thursday to help stuff envelops. alex tamaras brother

  2. Macarena says:

    Absolutely Beautiful!!! Chris, you and your wife did such an amazing job of canitrupg the joy and love Heather and Ryan have for each other. The photos are lovely!

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